Bless Your Child Every Day

Bless Your Child Every Day

*Celebrate who they are

*Give lots of hugs and kisses

*Rejoice in every Victory

* Be ready to wipe each tear

*Slow down and listen to their hearts

*Encourage their dreams

*Pray for them

*Pray with them

*Trust them to make their own choices

*Embrace Mistakes

*Teach Grace

*Love them

*Love them some more

*Cherish your time together

*Make memories

*Remember that your child is a gift from the Lord

I know that our children don’t come with an instruction manual.  However, this list is a great place to start.  It helps to keep things in perspective when the everyday little things interfere.  I remember when Jayden was tiny, so many people told us to cherish every stage because it goes so quickly.  It’s not easy to fathom that while you’re in those moments.  But one day you turn around and they are talking, and then they’re in preschool.

If you have a child, please hug them, kiss them, tell them that you love them. We are leaving a legacy in our children, but what are we leaving?

**This poem was printed on a plaque that I found in a catalog.