Being Content

In the last week, Mike has accepted a new position.  With this change, we’re taking it up a step in paying off debt and cutting our budget. We’ve always kept our house much cooler, shut lights off, we’ve gotten rid of cable, etc.  But now, we’re going hard core… no eating out, (birthdays, holidays and special occasions are the exception), that means we need to be creative in making meals since we both work full time as well as being involved in our church and MOPS.  That means spending weekends, making freezer meals so the meals for the week are ready to throw together at a moments notice. 

The next step is cutting the grocery budget.  I’ve been making my own laundry soap for some time and figured it around 2 cents a load, Taco Seasoning, Cream Soup Mix, Pancake Syrup, but I’ve found more recipes for Oxy Clean, Clorox Wipes, I’ll be making some cloth napkins, rather than using paper ones and rags instead of paper towels for cleaning. Making our own yogurt and yogurt cheese (similar to cream cheese) go gurts, Instant vanilla pudding mix, graham crackers, wheat thins, cheese its, etc.

We’ve also decided to simplify… I’ve known for a long time we have too much stuff, however, trying to convince the other half of our family has been unsuccessful before now.  But now we’re on board we are de-cluttering.  Getting rid of things we don’t need. 

I’ve come to appreciate the fact that in my home growing up, things weren’t as important as each other.  It was the little things that were important.  I never knew we had no money, that we ate pancakes for months on end, mostly venison that my dad had hunted and we processed ourselves, the vegetables from the garden because that’s all we had. But we were happy, we went sledding together, we went ice fishing, we had play days with our cousins, working on the farm.  Our playhouse was an old fish house, the fort was in the trees, 

At this point in our lives, we have so much more than our families growing up did.  We want to be content with what we have and where God has put us.